What Inspires You to Give to Charlotte Latin?

Each of us has a story about Latin transforming lives – through its people, its opportunities, its values. Tell us yours.

India and Brian Pope Parent(s)

While there’s no guidebook on parenting, we feel one goal is to provide our children with opportunities, experiences and tools that help best prepare them for the future. While we strive to accomplish much of this under our own roof, Latin is a second home where they will spend countless hours with classmates, teachers and school resources. Latin will, in fact, provide Beckett and Sullivan with a solid foundation as they face life choices. We are thankful and fortunate to all those that play a hand in this and look forward to the many years ahead!

Tara Garrity Lebda Parent(s)

Latin helps me round out my parenting by reinforcing crucial life skills I am trying to impart at home, such as civility, responsibility and the honor code. I also appreciate the parent meetings that address the important topics facing our children today, so we are all informed and on the same page.

Mary Yorke ’83 and David Oates Employee, Alumnus, Parent(s), Alumni Parent(s)

We love Latin and feel the health and well-being of the community is at the center of its many successes. If the Robison-Oates Counseling endowment means we can continue to help students and their families grow and work through difficult times we feel, in a small way, we might help heal hearts and minds. By continuing to give to a fund started 30 years ago, we also know the dollars we pledge today will grow for students of tomorrow.

Phyllis and Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe Alumni Parent(s), Former Trustee

The School’s commitment to academic excellence has never wavered, and the other traits Latin instills in its students such as citizenship, discipline, teamwork and work ethic, bear fruit long after students leave the school. Our participation in Vision2020 expresses our gratitude for all that Latin has done and continues to do for our family.

Wendy and Ben Gilman Parent(s)

Vision2020 is an investment in the future for our daughters, Lauren and Grace. We believe in supporting the Latin community, the faculty, and the creation of a world-class campus to allow Lauren and Grace to reach their fullest potential.

Barbara Robinson Employee, Alumni Parent(s)

My life at Latin began in 1975 when my oldest daughter entered first grade. Having a teaching background, I wanted to contribute so I began substituting a few years later and began full-time work in 1984. I contribute so others can know and feel what I do about Latin. As we grow, we bring so much more of the same to the School I love so much.

Debbie ’88 and Scott Frail Parent(s), Alumni Parent(s), Trustee

Scott and I have always been inspired to give back to Charlotte Latin because of what we have witnessed our children receive from the school. They can build a strong foundation of intellect and character. Our children are known and loved by the faculty and staff at Charlotte Latin. The whole family becomes part of the loving community.

Joy and Christian Kenefick Parent(s), Trustee

We are moved to give to Latin because of the tremendous gratitude we feel for all Latin has given to our children and our family. We are a proud Latin family!

Watts Humphrey Parent(s)

What inspires me to give is making a great learning institute even better. The school focuses on the whole individual, and campaign funds are what make the goal for excellence possible.

Todd Ballaban Employee

Charlotte Latin operates and thrives in its commitment to excellence. Our students, the future leaders of our city and country, deserve the highest quality instruction and facilities. My pledge honors this commitment.

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