South Campus has a whole new look as we kick off the 2018-19 school year. Construction began in November 2017 to convert one field to turf, to install stadium seating and a new scoreboard, and to add a multipurpose building. Additional parking and sidewalk access are also part of the project.

“In accordance with the School’s strategic plan, and after a number of visioning sessions with members of our School community, as well as discussions with our coaching staff, certain needs arose in an effort to best support our student-athletes and remain competitive among our peer schools,” Athletic Director David Gatoux said.

The impact of these renovations is possible because of the generosity of the Charlotte Latin School community. These changes represent Latin’s commitment to excellence, which is one of the School’s core values.

“Creating the South Campus Athletics Complex highlights Latin’s deep commitment to wellness,” Gatoux said. “By adding new sidewalks and parking areas, we are addressing safety issues. The new fields alleviate scheduling issues with the hope that our student-athletes will have the ability to participate and still arrive home at a reasonable hour for rest, homework and family time.”

Plans for the athletics complex prioritized students’ needs. One solution to meet such needs is a 5,400-square-foot shelter facility with changing areas, restrooms, equipment storage and concession stand, as well as an athletic training facility.

“We envision this becoming a medical hub for South Campus. With the right equipment, this space will serve several needs, from pregame taping to injury treatment and rehabilitation, without having to transport athletes back to the Beck Student Activities Center. It will definitely improve efficiency,” Head Athletic Trainer Tim Kelly said.

Every fall and spring, about 500 students join an athletic team. The School’s hope for this space is that it will allow all of these students to practice and train comfortably.

“With over 90% of eligible students participating on at least one athletic team, overcrowding, scheduling challenges and a lack of multipurpose space for student-athletes and trainers became critical issues to address,” Gatoux said. “The availability of the new turf field and multiuse field quickly emerged as an investment coaches felt would have a positive impact on a broad cross-section of students – both on our athletic teams and in our physical education classes.”

Student-athletes are excited to play and practice in the new space, which will benefit the entire Latin community not only this year, but beyond.

“I think it will be great to have a turf field so we can practice and play in the rain, because we had to cancel or move some practices in early spring because of bad weather,” junior Paige Nurkin said.

– by Sarah McClelland ‘18

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