Tuition dollars aren’t enough to cover the full cost of educating a Charlotte Latin student. Tuition covers only 86% of the costs to educate our 1,410 young minds. The Latin Fund bridges this gap, allowing us to fund critical classroom enhancements and essential programming, while sustaining a consistent operating budget and minimal tuition increases.

In addition, every seven to ten years we hold capital campaigns like Vision2020. Our Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan guide the priorities of these campaigns, which usher in new chapters for Latin and allow us to continue our commitment to deliver a world-class education. As our priorities expand during Vision2020, the Latin Fund must grow to support them, necessitating an additional $6 million during the campaign season.

Tuition Dollars vs. Operating Costs

Tuition Dollars Infographic

Historical Data

Over the past eight years, your generosity to the Latin Fund has supported educational enhancements with $8.97 million.

Year by year giving totals

Additional Campaign Priorities

To us, supporting the School through the Latin Fund and capital projects is a way to pay tribute to those who came before us. It is critical that we take our place in Latin’s story so that many generations of Hawks will continue to benefit for years to come.

Kari and Jonathan Halkyard Trustee, Parents of '16 and '18