The Gregory family has been part of the Latin community for many years and involved in several areas of School life. In addition to their countless hours of service on the campus, Mary and Fletcher Gregory have also been generous supporters of the School through their gifts.

In this interview, Fletcher describes why they felt compelled to give throughout the years and what excites him most about Vision2020.

Tell us a bit about you and your history at Latin.
My title is Associate Headmaster and Director of Finance. I’ve been at Latin for 26 years, the last 21 of those in my current role. My wife Mary worked at Latin as a Lower School assistant and lead teacher for 22 years. We are also former Latin parents. Our children, Fletcher and Mary Salem, are “Latin Lifers,” attending Latin K-12. Some of their best friends are still their Latin friends.

One of my favorite parts of my role is interacting with people across all departments here at the School. Mary and I are so grateful for our Latin community and the ways it has enriched our lives through the relationships we have formed being part of this family.

What is significant about the Charlotte Latin mission?
I believe the most important aspect of our core values is the commitment to excellence. My children had many teachers at Latin, and each one was outstanding. From Mrs. Vandiver in Kindergarten to Dr. Kneidel in AP biology, they were all high-quality educators.

As an administrator, I talk about that commitment to excellence in terms of the School being honest in assessing and addressing its needs. We are not perfect, but we are working constantly to be the best we can be. That comes into play when we find an area of need and we do our best to address it appropriately, responsibly and effectively.

What makes a Charlotte Latin student special?
When we talk to alumni, they always mention how well prepared they were for college. CLS students know how to read, write and study. Equally important, our alumni speak about the character development that is prevalent throughout our K-12 curriculum. Therefore, they succeed in college, which leads them to being well prepared for the working world, in whatever field they choose.

Why do you and Mary choose to support Latin with your gifts?
Our children loved their Latin experiences. We are a Latin family, through and through, and it is easy to make Latin one of our primary areas to support. Plus, the Latin Fund is essential to the School. We would not be able to do all that we do, to provide the programs that we do, without meaningful contributions to the Latin Fund. It would take a significant increase in tuition to accomplish the same goals.

What excites you most about Vision2020, and why did you and Mary decide to support the campaign in this early phase?
All of the facilities in the campaign are tied for first in my mind because they are needs and not wants. We have done a lot of work over the last three years to assess needs through the master plan and to get input from the community for what is most important in the next phase of construction. We need all of the facilities projects. Just as important, however, are the intangible priorities of the campaign that support faculty and financial aid, as well as the Latin Fund.

It is essential that we have a successful campaign so that we can not only meet the current needs of the School, but so that we can be as prepared as possible for what lies ahead. The ability to improve and build new facilities is done through donations, not tuition. Everything you see above ground at Latin is there because of donated dollars. If you are asked to participate in the campaign, it is your turn to ensure CLS is able to continue its excellence into the future. That is why Mary and I chose to make a pledge to the Vision2020 campaign, which will invest in the priorities that the School has identified in order to be the best it can be.

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