The new Strength Center is nearing completion, and is on track to open this fall.

The pre-engineered, pre-fabricated building features: 5,000 square feet; 14 brand new Dynamic Fitness weight racks; 6 sets of dumbbells, ranging from 5 pounds to 100 pounds; 4 sleds to be used on the turf; and can accommodate 60 students at one time.

Q&A with David Paige, strength and conditioning coach:

How will the building impact both our student athletes and non-athletes? 

The new building will have an acute focus on strength conditioning with the ability to accommodate up to 60 students at a time. With 14 top-of-the-line Dynamic Fitness weight racks, each rack is able to have 4-6 students lifting at one time. Running through the center of the Field House will be a 30-yard turf for sprinting, sleds and agility work. Outside the Strength Center will be a self-contained outdoor space, ideal for med ball tosses and other uses

How will the Strength Center expand on Latin’s commitment to excellence? 

Latin’s strength and conditioning program has been modeled around a philosophy of inclusiveness. As students are nurtured in their academic life, they are taught to motivate and push themselves within the weight room. When a student chooses to work out and lift weights on their own volition, they are practicing a healthy habit – something that can benefit well into adulthood. 

This program is teaching them these habits, proper techniques, and is making it fun for them. The weight room space is becoming a hub for athletics. Swimmers are working out with baseball players. Basketball players are working out alongside field hockey players. This open door policy is enabling greater camaraderie and sportsmanship among current students and even alumni.

What sets the Strength Center apart? 

As part of the planning for the Strength Center, the Latin Athletics team traveled to independent schools to see how others are tackling strength and conditioning. The Strength Center will be the top athletic development center – not just in the Southeast, or among independent schools – but among the U.S.

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