This spring, the 100/200 Building – Latin’s previous home to world languages, English and history, school dances, Chick-Fil-A waffle fries and Stewart sandwiches – will debut a new look, name, and purpose in the heart of campus.

The McIntosh Leadership Center will be a destination for leadership development, student gatherings, and service learning. When this building reopens, it will feature a new entrance, and the path to get there will be a bridge connecting our iconic covered walkway to this iconic building with a revived purpose.

Alumni Way will connect Latin’s past to Latin’s extraordinary future, and all alumni are invited to play a special part.

We invite you to honor Latin’s past, celebrate our 50 years, and ensure our future by making a special commitment to Vision2020.


To date, we have raised more than $26.7 million for Vision2020, and alumni have played a huge role – 68 fellow alums have generously given $3.92 million.

We need our alumni to bring the campaign home.

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