Ruth and Blair have maintained the friendship they formed when they attended Latin in the 90s. These two young families share their experiences as they have recently transitioned from Latin alumni to Latin parents. 

What is the best part of parenting a little Hawk?

Ruth: It’s surreal. I always have to remind myself that I’m there as a parent and not a student! Seeing Jack’s excitement every day and knowing that he is at the best possible place for him provides incredible comfort. We are very thankful to have the opportunity to experience Latin as parents.

What is it like walking the halls of the Lower School as a parent?

Blair: It’s very nostalgic. Seeing teachers teach in the same classrooms that I sat in 25 years ago brings back many memories. Attending Daddy’s Day in Kindergarten last year reminded me of how excited we got when the P.E. teachers let us play a few games of dodgeball. I think the water fountains at Latin must source from the Fountain of Youth because every teacher I run into from my childhood looks like they have not aged a day. 

What has (or hasn’t) changed about Latin?

Ruth: The welcoming feeling of the campus has remained, but, as the world has changed, Latin has thoughtfully adjusted. Latin has always been and will continue to be a place of high academics, but there seems to be a greater focus on social-emotional learning. As parents, we are thankful for this focus, given the ever-changing environment and the pressures of social media. 

What Latin experiences do you hope your children will also have?

Blair: Academic preparedness and confidence were big takeaways for me. Latin gives its students a tremendous leg up when it comes to preparing children for the next level of academics, and I hope that my children will experience this.

Who is your philanthropy role model?

Ruth: The Latin community, and in particular our Class of 2002, are role models. Every year I’m struck by how many willing classmates, near and far, step up and give back to Latin. I love showing my appreciation for all that is Latin through my volunteering and donations.My life would look very different had I not had the opportunity to attend Latin. 

Why do you feel it is important for Latin alumni to support their alma mater?

Blair: Latin is a special place and continues to evolve its facilities and curriculum to prepare students for the next steps in their life. Donors from prior generations were instrumental in making the school a special place when I was a student. As alumni, we should give to ensure that future generations have a similar experience.

Why did you, as a couple, choose to support Vision2020?

Blair and Emily Shwedo: Since my graduation, I had the wonderful opportunity to return to campus and interact with current students. The visit was  a strong reminder of the meaningful experiences I had, and it also made me appreciate aspects that I had overlooked as a student. Emily and I committed to Vision2020 before we decided to send our children to Latin. We wanted to acknowledge how well prepared I was for college and ensure that future students are similarly prepared.

Ruth and John Wyatt: We support Vision2020 to show appreciation for Latin, for what it provided me as a student and what I know it will provide our children. Additionally, we want to be an example to our children and to show them that as parents, we are “all in” for them, their school, their education, and personal development.


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